Part No:-3496 VXL-8s Electronic Speed Control, waterproof (brushless)


Velineon VXL-8s Waterproof Features

  • Internal temperature sensor with integrated cooling fan and two-stage thermal shutdown protection protect the VXL-8s from overheating
  • Bright multi-color LED status lights provide clear feedback
  • Built-in two-stage low voltage detection for?Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery?use provides a clear signal to the driver that the batteries are nearing their minimum voltage threshold
  • Wide range of LiPo battery options from 3s packs up to full-power 4s LiPo packs
  • The patented Training Mode? is an exclusive Traxxas feature that reduces the overall power output of the VXL-8s by 50%, making it easier for inexperienced drivers to control their model. When you?re ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action
  • The EZ-Set??push-button setup operates and programs just like other Traxxas speed controls?eliminating the need to learn a new set of procedures
  • The VXL-8s is programmable with three drive profiles:
    • Sport Mode?? Fwd / Brake / Rev
    • Race Mode?? Fwd / Brake
    • Training Mode**?? 50% Fwd / Brake / 50% Rev
  • Patented Traxxas High-Current Connectors eliminates a common bottleneck and maintain pure, unrestricted power flow from the batteries to the brushless power system
  • Locked Rotor Protection? prevents system damage by cutting power if the vehicle is stuck or the motor is bound
  • Battery Over-Voltage Protection? causes the ESC to go into failsafe mode if the maximum input voltage is exceeded
  • Water resistant case design uses rubber seals and O-rings to protect against damage caused by water and moisture
  • Gold plated 6.5mm bullet connectors on ultra-efficient Maxx??Cable flow full power to the motor without performance strangling resistance


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