Model No 510005R E5 HX - Black/Red

1/10 Racing Monster Electric – 4WD – RTR – Brushed 2S/3S – Waterproof – Team Magic E5 HX – Black/Red

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To create the Team Magic E5 HX, have started with the idea to construct a 1:8 Racing Monster small. We have combined the durability and power of a 1:8 Racing Monster with the agility and acceleration and fast handling of a 1:10 model. We have also added some new features.

The E5 HX is currently the fastest and strongest 1:10 Racing Monster on the market. The front bumper is equipped with three white and two red bright LEDs. The Team Magic E5 HX includes a beautifully shaped Racing Monster body made of durable polycarbonate Lexan to protect the internal components. Rugged 14mm wheel adapters help ensure high power transmission to the K-Factory tyres for better handling and faster acceleration on all surfaces. We’ve also added an adjustable, sturdy wheelie bar to the rear of the model. For better wheelie control, the Team Magic E5 HX features a ball-bearing wheelie wheel. You’ll love it!

All plastic components are made of high quality fibre reinforced material which gives the Team Magic E5 HX not only a higher stability but also less tweak (twisting) and thus a better geometry and transmission efficiency.

The front and rear swingarms are symmetrical, which reduces the cost of spare parts. Drive shaft bones are always lost and have high wear – this is the reason why the Team Magic E5 HX is equipped with quality CVD drive shafts at the front. The Team Magic E5 HX has adjustable right-left threads and an adjustable servo saver right out of the box. In order to absorb large jumps and unevenness better, we decided to use large-volume oil pressure shock absorbers and a long suspension. See the rear end – push it down!… here there is an active toe-in which provides more control when landing and accelerating.

The Team Magic E5 HX chassis has a multi-connector plug which gives the possibility to change the electronics faster. Less cable clutter in the model thanks to cable tunnel. Your 2-3s batteries are fastened by a quick-change battery holder.

We have selected the best electronic components currently available on the market! A 15kg strong, waterproof, metal driven Sav?x servo provides highest precision in every situation. See – the waterproof receiver is in the waterproof receiver box. The controller Thor 1040 and the motor Thor 570 are high performance components, which can be operated with powerful 2-3s Lipo batteries. To tame this power and make the E5 HX even more robust, we have installed a 1:8 steel gearbox module 1.0 with a 5mm motor shaft.

Drive a rocket – choose the Team Magic E5 HX!

Technical data:

– Length 428mm
– width 343mm
– Wheelbase 270mm
– Weight 2.7kg
– Tyre dimension 5.1×3.25×2.75
– Waterproof controller Thor 1040, 2-3s Lipo
– Motor 570 brushed
– Toothing M1.0 Steel gear unit
– Gearbox medium shaft 4wd
– Big Bore oil pressure shock absorber
– Dirt & Water Filter
– Transmitter HARD 2.4ghz
– 15kg waterproof Savox Servo with Metal gear
– 4 Leds pre-installed
– Easy Access distribution board
– Quick-change holder for rechargeable batteries
– Adjustable Wheelie Bar (support wheel)
– K-Factory Tyres
– CVD cardan shafts front made of hardened steel
– Top Speed 35km/h @ 7,2-7,4V / 45 km/h @ 11,1 V


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